Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stripes and Polka dots

This is my latest dress. I loved the idea of putting little buttons at the bottom.

A special thank you to my friend Naomi and her daughter, Maddie. This little girl can be wild and crazy, sweet and funny, and she is very special to me :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Print and Turquoise Dress

My favorite little model is shown here with one of my new creations. I've made several dresses in the last few months, I just haven't gotten around to getting them to my little models to take pictures. So, here is dress one. Thank you to Carrie and Allie Claire for helping me with this. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Well, we've certainly had an influx on baby girls here recently. It seems like everyone around here is expecting a baby....mainly baby girls (I think there are only two friends expecting baby boys). Frankly, I'm excited. I can't wait to meet these babies :)
So yesterday, I got all excited and started making some baby clothes. Check out my creations. Please excuse my lack of baby hangers. lol. I really need to buy some. I also noticed in posting these photos, that I left the ties far too long. Must fix that.

I wasn't sure how I would like this...but it quickly became my favorite. It's 2 full layers with a little ruffle at the bottom.

This one is super cute, too, though. Close, close second.

And I love the little lace that I found to put at the empire waist :) So sweet! I can just imagine a baby wearing this to church.